Tuesday, May 01, 2018

It´s gotta be MAY

Sorry for the pun - I couldn't resist it! BUT the fact is that May IS my fav month for many reasons like:  I have my birthday in May,  it´s May the Force (4) and it´s iNSD!!! Yay! So there is A LOT of good thing starting today!

  1. I am hosting a new art journaling challenge at TDC which is really a challenge! I want you to make a page with exactly as many facts about YOU as the number of candles you should put on your cake this year! For me that means 47 facts:

Here is all the info you need - image is linked:

2. Casefile #253 is ready for you to solve over at CSI:

Here is how I solved it:

I was inspired by all the cutouts so I made a page about going to crops. It also made me think of sorting my embellishments by color. Last but not least - the bright and vivid colors makes me happy so I knew I just had to put them in this layout!

3. Lots of FUN challenges in the Facebook group for Simple Pleasure Designs with lots of goodies and prizes to celebrate iNSD:

Just click on the banner above to get to her homepage. At the bottom of it you will find a link to her Facebook group!

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Debbi Tehrani said...

Ha-ha! Love your title! Beautiful layout, Carina! Love how you've arranged the photos, and the yellow makes your page so happy!