Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Taking an art journaling class

I have just started a new class called "Art journaling for scaredy cats" by Tangie Baxter and it is SO FANTASTIC!!! We only had two lessons so far but I have learned so many new things already and the way I look/think about art journaling is really spinning in my head right now! We get so much inspiration and she is really generous with all kind of stuff and I love seeing her process videos!

For lesson 1 we got the assignment to do two different styled pages with the same kit and the same journaling:

This is my #1:

And this is my #2:

The message is the same but the outcome of the two pages are so different from each other. I love them both!

Today we learned about using brushes to make any kit into an art journaling kit. I loved seeing Tangie´s process video and I learned a couple of new tricks too! So after seeing that one I had a go with the new stuff from Simple Pleasure Designs:

Obviously there are quite the amount of stuff that you could call "artsy" to begin with in this collection but I really wanted to work with the new envelopes and journaling cards.... Here's my layout:

Yes, there's some hidden journaling going on there and yes, there are A LOT of brush work going n here! But I can tell you that it obviously is about the artist Frida Kahlo that I totally LOVE!!!!

The class is still OPEN if you wanna join! Here's the link to Tangie´s store at The Lily-Pad:


Have a great day!

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