Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017 is going out with a BANG!

About a little more than a week ago I announced to you that I had been chosen to be a part of the CT for the CSI challenges and I'm still over the moon about that! I already made some layouts but I´ll have to wait a bit before I can show them to you. But I can promise that you're gonna love the challenges that are coming... 💖

Now to the BANG part!

As if this wasn't enough as a surprise I just got signed up to a new CT! The most awesome part is that I didn't even apply for it - I was asked by the designer if I wanted to join! And here she is:

I just love Jennifer´s kit and she runs her own store. I have bought kits from her but I never thought I would be on her team - it´s like a dream come true!

I just bought her new collection before I joined the CT:

Just after I joined she released an add-on called Retro Records:

I have made three layouts with these so far:

(I also used a template by PrestelnayaP Designs, TDC for this one)

So this has really been such an happy ending to 2017!!! Now I'm looking forward to new adventures in 2018!

💖 Hugs, Carina 💖


LBickford said...

TOTALLY cool! I absolutely LOVE Simple Pleasure Designs by Jennifer Fehr!! Her designs are original and fun, and her bundles are HUGE!!!!!! Your layouts are so gorgeous Carina, just love them all!

Barbara said...

How EXCITING! Jennifer of Simple Pleasure Designs always blows me away with the beauty and uniqueness of her collections.

Jennifer Fehr said...

Awww this is such a compliment - thank you so much Carina... it is an honor to have you join my team! I’m the lucky one!!