Wednesday, January 04, 2017

MOC - Month Of Challenges

What would you say about taking part in a challenge that stretches for a full month? One new everyday for 31 days? Well that´s happening right now over at The Lily-Pad and it´s called Month Of Challenges - or short MOC. It´s the fifth year they´re running it and it´s the second time around for me doing it. The prizes are amazing and the challenges are so great! Just click below:

Today is January 4 so that means that four challenges have been posted. This year I´m trying to stay on top of things as much as possible but you don´t have to post your layout on the same day. I reckon once I start work again on Monday I will fall behind a couple of days.  But here ar my layouts for the first four:

Day 1 -  Letter challenge:

Day 2- 2016 in review:

Day 3 - template challenge:

Day 4- style challenge:

I´m super excited to see what tomorrow´s challenge will be! Why don´t you join too?
Hugs, Carina

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