Monday, August 01, 2016

Long time - no see!

Hi everyone! Do you remember me? I used to blog a bit here but I totally got out of swing of things and I had to let this blog rest a bit. But now I´m planning to get back again, blogging about all kind of things. It might be in English or it will be in Swedish or maybe both...

My paper project life has been put on the back burner for a while but thanks to a Swedish PL Facebook group I´m getting back again. There´s nothing like some good challenges and support!

This last week I´ve completed two weeks - 12 and 13:

After I´d done week 12 I felt it was ok but a bit boring and I started thinking about what I really wanna have on my pages. So I´ve been pinning a lot of ideas and sketches for inspiration. One single thing - and not a major one - is that for week 13 I rounded all my cards and it already felt better. I also gonna doodle a bit more around the edges and add some stamping to some of the filler cards. Looking at week 13 I can see that I´m gonna go back and do that with the one with the big 4 on it.
Another thing is that I´m gonna be better with adding embellishments to my pages - it makes them feel more alive. 

This past weekend I edited over 130 photos for my PL album and sent them for development. When I get them I´ll be at week 29! So there´s still a long way to go but I´m getting there slowly. I´ve decided to let this take some time so I´ll be happy with the way it looks.

I also got myself a Happy Planner/Create 365:

 Some of the pages inside:

I bought this online and hadn´t seen it before in paper format and I was so happy when it arrived. So totally my colors and patterns! Love it! I´ve been starting to fill it up and I´m planning to use it at home like a journal:

Here´s the beginning of last week:

...and on Sunday:

The lovely Alice in Wonderland stickers are a freebie from Victoria Thatcher and she has loads of wonderful free stuff you can use!

Aaah, it feels good to be blogging again and I will be back again in a day or two!
Take care!/xoxo Carina

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