Thursday, April 07, 2016

Keeping up with Project Life

When 2016 started I was way behind with my album for 2015. There were so many things going on in my life that I just left it on the back burner. In late January I just decided that I really wanted to get it finished so I could start with 2016 and just put aside all other crafty and artsy projects. I´m lucky to have my own craft room which means that I can just leave things and get back to it later. I think the key to getting finished besides that was to order all my missing photos in one big sweep and keeping decorations to a minimum. What I haven´t done is taking photos of them all and maybe I will later on...

In February I could finally really get things going with 2016! My front page was actually finished before and I really like the outcome of that but as I´m looking now I realize I forgot to take pic of that aso I´ll get back to that.

Instead - let me show you the ones that I HAVE taken photos of:



WEEK 3 (which I´ve posted before):






....and WEEK 9:

I have a monthly subscription to Studio Calico so nearly all my filler cards are from these kits. Embellishments, letters and stamps comes from different brands and when I post week 10 I´ll try to keep track on what I´ve been using for that special spread.

I´m constantly struggling with keeping my spreads cohesive and harmonic and I try not to get too carried away with embellishments. I want it to be fun AND pretty straight forward to put it together. I try to focus more on the stories and the photos.

I got my photos picked out for the next couple of weeks and either I´ll let my printer work this weekend or just get them done elsewhere. Time will be the judge of that.

Thanks for stopping by my blog - and I would LOVE a comment on what you think!

Have a great weekend!/ Carina

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