Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My planner in December

No one could hardly missed the big craze about planners these days - unless you´ve been living under a rock that is! I´m totally amazed how the paper industry keeps coming up with new plans to get us caught in their web in different ways. A couple of years ago no one hardly knew anything about Project Life/Pocket Scrapbooking but what a thing it is these days. 
I guess planners and decorating them is the new IT thing and the market is exploding of stuff for just this.

Well. Let me start with saying that decorating your planner isn´t a new thing - I´ve done that to some extent way back - like in the school days and that wasn´t yesterday.  But the way people showing up theirs today - it´s like mini scrapbooking books! I won´t go that far but I can´t resist decorating mine too since I like things looking pretty!

Things get a lot easier too when you get CT stuff play around with. Just look at this wonderful December Planner collection from Mari Koegelenberg and Mommyish:

So for December I decided to go all in and I´ve been decorating like crazy:

I printed my planner pages on regular paper on a laser printer. That way I know it won´t smudge when I´m writing. The divider pages and all the little elements have been printed on thicker paper and I reinforced the edges on the dividers with some washi tapes. I´ve also decorated with a lovely stamp set from My Favorite Things called Jingled All The Way (which apparently is out of stock everywhere). I haven´t decided yet if I´m gonna add some color to my Santas or not....

I really LOVED going all crazy in my beloved Filofax A5 planner and I can totally get it why people do it. I just hope I left enough space to do my planning on!

Happy Days!/Carina

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