Friday, June 19, 2015

Time for new digital layouts

It´s Friday today and here in Sweden we´re celebrating Midsummer´s Eve which is kind of a big deal if you live here. We eat special food- matjessill, fresh potatoes, sourcream with chives and for dessert it´s often strawberry cake. You can go dancing silly games around the Midsummer pole on different places - but it´s mostly for the kids I feel.
In our family we like to take it really slow with the celebrations since our kids are so big now. We´re so content with just the food and enjoying each other´s company.

So with that said - let´s get going with my new digital layouts. All my layouts are linked to my gallery over at Scrap Stacks for full credits:

Have a great Friday - and Midsummer´s Eve!

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