Friday, June 26, 2015

Starting a Junque Journal

A couple of weeks ago I decided to join Tangie Baxter´s Art Journal Emporium to improve and get more inspiration for my art journaling and I got my eyes on her course "Junque Journal" and decided to join it. I recommend you to google Junque Journal too see some inspiration!

So class just started a couple of days ago and through Tangie´s awesome video instructions I got started with mine.

It all begins with an ordinary notebook. Being in Sweden I bought one at the Swedish store Åhléns:

It´s nothing fancy about it - just ordinary lined papers inside it. But let´s start the magic! 
I began with removing the elastic band around it and tying ribbons along the spine to making it more sturdy. 

Tangie´s added tab dividers to hers and first I was gonna opt out on that but after seeing the finished result I decided to make that too. 

I needed to cut out scrapbooking papers in the same size as my journal x2 to every page with a tab on it so I really got use of all my old papers laying around here so in all I cut 58 pieces! For tabs I really thought I had some old ones that I could use but I did´t - so I decided to make them myself!
I used a punch (for little tags) and punched out a piece for every letter in the alphabet - we have 29 - from a pizza box:

I folded them in the middle and glued them together and let them dry under pressure using clips:

When they were dry I stamped letters on them using a stamp kit from Graphic 45. Then I try to spread them evenly in my journal. I forgot to take pics during this process so here´s what it looks like finished:

Each tab page is covered with scrapbooking papers on both sides and on the edge there´s some washi tape so they won´t get flaky:

I really tried to mix the papers so they did´t came in a particular order. I also put my washi tapes in a bowl and just grabbed one to not make it too matchy-matchy. I did my taping in front of the tv...

Here you can see how big and chunky it is already:

I´m so looking forward to continue working with this and getting to use it. Do you know what the best part is with all of this? I really feel I got my scrapbooking mojo back and it feels AWESOME!!!

I´ll be back posting more when I made more progress with it...

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