Saturday, May 30, 2015

Days flying by

I love the month of May! So many things happens in nature and summer´s around the corner AND I have my birthday in May! BUT it´s also one of the most busiest months at work and that means that all crafty and artsy things are left on the back burner. I can honestly tell you that I feel literally sick when I can´t craft/create but there´s simply no energy left after a week at work. If you did´t know I work full time as a teacher for kids aged 8-10. At least the summer holiday is only two weeks away which means VACATION TIME!!! Yes!

I have done a couple of digital layouts though and here they are:

All the layouts are linked to my gallery at Scrap Stacks for full credits.

Now I´m gonna go on some mojo hunting to see where it went. Probably checked out when stress checked in... ;D 
Laters babes!

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