Tuesday, January 06, 2015

A new year - a new look!

Hi everyone!
 Sorry for the absence here but I decided to take a break from blogging during the holidays and spend it with m family. I had a great holiday with lots of fun and too much to eat and drink! I hope you had it good too!

To celebrate the new year I made a new blog design that feels a lot fresher I think. Hope you like it!

I´m thinking of doing another year with OLW (One Little Word) but this time it´s been a real struggle to figure out what I want. I even posted on Facebook in one of the groups that I´d chosen THRIVE but it´s not growing to me and I just realized today that the word I really want is LOVE. Like in:

  • Loving myself for who I am
  • Loving to get healthier
  • Keep on giving love
  • Love my job
  • Love taking chances
  • Love trying new stuff
  • Love to plan my days
I feel REALLY good about changing it and I do believe that it is my word for 2015.

I´m not gonna take the class by Ali Edwards - just doing it my way.

However - I have decided to take a class this year about Project Life and its Pocket Your Year Plan 2015 by Megan over at The Nerdnest. It´s sounds like lot of fun to me and you can read all about it by clicking on the pic:

Now - more about Project Life. I´ve been working really hard during the holidays and I´m proud to say that I´m DONE with my 2014 album! YAY! Today is also my blog day over at Pysseldags and I´ve been blogging about my last page:

Yep! That´s us - we´re just that crazy couple! I had to admit I struggled with how I wanted to look but eventually everything fell in place. I used Midnight Core kit so the first and last page in this album has the same look. You can find the links to all the stamps from Pysseldags by clicking HERE

Tomorrow it´s back to work again and I would lie if I told you that I did´t wanna be home a couple of more days. 

Until next time - have it great! /Carina

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