Thursday, November 06, 2014

Thank you Pinterest!

Like many others I like to hang out on Pinterest and pinning all kind of stuff. One of my boards is about photography which I wish I could do really good one day.

The other day I stumble across a pin about another happy amateur who used mainly three lenses (one of them was the kit lens) and I realized I actually had one of them that she spoke warmly about - a 50mm 1:1.8D lens. So instead of just pinning for later I went ahead and grabbed my real camera- a read Nikon D3200 - and mounted the lens on it and just fired away!
I had forgotten how much fun it is to shoot with a real camera and not just only with your phone...

Here are some of my practicing results:

This lens is called a Portrait lens but as you can see it works excellent for all kinds of stuff!
Since this is a prime lens you can´t zoom with it but on the other hand the low F-number means the aperture is bigger = it lets in a lot of light so it get great pictures under darker conditions without a flash!
 If you´re into photography I can highly recommend it! You can find similar lenses for all larger camera brands.

So right now I´m hoping for better weather here. The last days have been really raining and today we actually got SNOW! Yikes!

Have it great!

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