Sunday, November 30, 2014

Getting ready for another December Daily

Even though I promised myself not to do another DD after last time (which I think was 2012) I´m getting back into it this year. Why you might ask? Well, I ask myself the same question but I just could´t keep away after seeing so much awesomeness everywhere. This time I´m not doing a separate album -I will just add some extra pockets in my PL album instead with room for all the days of December. I think for me those extra mini albums just does´t do it for me. I need to keep everything in one place. I´ve been using these gorgeous papers from Simple Stories called Cozy Christmas:

I´ve also added some cards from my own design for Reprint Hobby:

I do have to tell you that I totally forgot to take pics from my PL album on how it looks right now, but I will get back with that.

To help me out with what to put into my DD I´ve been looking at all kinds of prompts and list about photo-a-day and December Daily. Since I didn´t liked any of them just as they were I wanted to create my own version. So I listed some of them side by side and simply picked the one´s I liked for each day and came up with my own list. I might not stick to it hard core style but at least I have something to go with each day. Here it is - and feel free to use it if you want. All I want is that you give me credits for it by linking to my blog, since it´s my own photo in the background!

I´ll print one large for my board and a small one to keep in my Filofax to keep track of my prompts. I might even add them to my calendar on my iPhone as a daily reminder....

I also plan to get better with taking photos with my REAL camera and not just with my iPhone but I won´t be making any promises about that!

So I´m keeping my fingers crossed that I will make through the whole month and be up to date with stuff (since that´s working out so fine when it comes to my regular PL - NOT!)

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