Monday, September 08, 2014

Oh yes I did!

I finally did it and it didn´t come cheap. But I´ve been wanting them for such a long time that I couldn´t resist them anymore. I splurged and bought these wicked stamps from Stampotique:

I´ve been to maaaany scrap meet-ups and people really either love them or hate them. I adore them since they speak to that crazy Tim Burtonesque style that lies deep in my heart. I swear - if I´d live in London I would dress all goth and wear my hair like Helena Bonham- Carter:

But now I don´t. I live in a really small village and work as a teacher so I´m keeping a low profile....
Maybe when I get older and really don´t give a ..... what people think I will go all the way and be a badass lady!

I just hope they don´t take too long to land in my mail box and that they don´t get stuck in customs. Then it will be REALLY expensive....

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