Sunday, July 06, 2014

Let´s talk about shopping

What kind of a shopper are you? I think I tend to be a real spender in periods and in between really holding on to my money. Lately I´ve ben feeling like a BIG spender and it has come to a point when I think to myself that I need to stop. But then I´ve been comparing with others and it might not be that bad. But one thing is certain - I really don´t need to buy things like new clothes or scrapbooking paper. I´m cramming stuff into my drawers and wardrobes! I do need to get rid of some stuff that I´m actually not using. Why is it so hard to part from some things? I mean like toss away all those clothes that I don´t feel comfortable wearing or the ones I´m saving to when I´ve lost some weight.  So here´s some things I´m gonna do...

  • Start the terrifying process of getting rid of clothes that I like but does´t fit me one way or another. Let´s face it - some of them I got cheap so what´s the big deal?
  • When I buy clothes in the future it will be something that I really want and feel comfortable wearing. More quality than quantity.
  • Not buy anymore scrapbooking supplies until I´ve used the ones I have.
  • Put all the scrapbooking and craft stuff that I really won´t be using or don´t like anymore and sell them or take them to work (I´m a teacher).
Sounds good, right?
To be honest I have been doing some shopping this last week that will end up in my house, but after that I´ll be holding on to my money. So what did I buy then? 

Let´s start with clothes since that is one of the major issues for me right now. Now, I bought from a Swedish company called House of Lola and that´s one of the brands I´m sticking to in the future. They´re expensive but so comfy and well done. I got these:

The other issue was scrapbooking stuff - and I honestly think that´s gonna be harder to stay away from - but I bought some filler cards and a paper pack:

The last thing I bought - and to be true I will never be able to stop shopping these - are books! This time three different sewing books:

So how about you? Are you a big spender? Or are you planning to stop shopping? It would be fun to know if you want to share - would love some comments on this! 

Until next time - XOXO

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