Monday, June 23, 2014

Photo a day

Besides all the other things I do craft wise I also try to take a Photo a Day. I even made a blog to collect them all but I suck at updating that one. I do try to hang on to my photo a day project thought and for the last two years I found it easier when I have a list to follow. There a severals but the one I´m following is FatMumSlim (guess you read it twice - I did first time I saw it LOL!) aka Chantelle, living in Australia. Every month she presents a new list and she has followers all around the world. The photos are shared on Instagram and in a special Facebook group.

Here´s the list for June:

This month I actually managed to stay on top of the list and have taken a photo for every single day so far! Still thinking of what to photograph for todays topic which is "in this moment".
Here are all my pics as a collage so far:

Today she also presented the list for July and I sure wanna tag along this coming month too:

So who´s joining me???? If you wanna follow me on Instagram and see my pics my username is cinna71. Well, you will actually see other pics too NOT related to photo-a-day on my feed....Be sure to add a comment below and I will follow you too!

Have a wonderful day!
xoxo Carina

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