Saturday, November 30, 2013

Some digital shopping on Black Friday

I surfed around to find some good deals on the digiscrapping stores and found some that I like. I´ve noticed that nowadays I don´t just jump on the first item that I like. Instead I really think if I´m gonna use it and preferably more than once. I also think I got better on seeing what things that really works for me scrap wise. So I ended up with some kits AND some new digital stamps from Some Odd Girl:

KD Designs:

Valentinas Creations:

Verò The French Touch:

Shabby Miss Jen:
Createwings Designs:

My new digital stamps from Some Odd Girl:

I also got these two awesome newsletter freebies:

Did YOU make any finds this time???
Have a wonderful Saturday!/Carina

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Sara said...

Åh så mycket fint du hittade! :)
kram Sara