Friday, November 01, 2013

30 Days of thankfulness

Today´s 1 of November which means it´s time for another 30 days of thankfulness. I did it last year and I´m definitely doing it this year too. To sum it up it´s all about expressing what you feel thankful for - one for each day (but I guess that´s a no-brainer eh?). So for today I chose this:

  • Day 1 - Today I´m thankful for all the wonderful support from my hubby and kids when I went through surgery.
I´m defenitely gonna post all kinds of stuff and everything won´t be as deep as this one, but that´s what´s life is right? A mix of everything!


Now - I meant to post earlier this week with some new layouts that I made but I didm´t get around to it. So let´s start with last Friday/Saturday releases and layouts:

This one´s from Juno Designs:

My layout:

With Be Thankful by Mari Koegelenberg & Shawna Clingerman, SSD:

 And since I´m such a geek when it comes to Halloween I bought two kits I just couldn´t resist:
First -  with Fears and Phobias kit by Rucola Designs, Deviant Scrap:

...and with Halloween kit by High Four Designs, Deviant Scrap:

This one is a mixup with Fears and Phobias + 
Come one! Come All! by Juliana Kneipp Designs, SSD:


Now it´s time for TODAY´S new releases! From Juno Designs and Amanda Yi:

My layout:

....and new releases from Angelle Designs:

...and my layouts:

Tomorrow is a BIG day since it´s our 23th engagement anniversary AND it´s DSD!!! Talk about a perfect day! I´m definitely gonna check out the stores for some digi bargains! How about you?

Hope you get to have an awesome Friday!
Hugs, Carina

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