Wednesday, July 03, 2013

I´m baaaaack!

Hello lovelies! Did you miss me???

Now's hubby´s and mine mutual vacation over and we got to have some really good times together. First almost a whole week in London and then relaxing at home. So he´s back to work - but I got more than a month left and I´m soo gonna enjoy it.

I think I´ve never shopped as much on a vacation as this one to London. I almost didn´t get it all home! Luckily hubby had some space left in his suitcase that I could borrow. London is like a white spot on the map when it comes to scrapbooking but they have one little adorable shop (at least what I know) called Blade Rubber Stamps. I found these stamps that I absolutely had to have:

I also bought some scrapbook magazines when I was there and they have A LOT to choose from. I grabbed these:

The prices for the magazines are ridiculous compared with what I have to pay here in Sweden for the same pages. I paid about 50 sek for "Cardmaking and Papercraft" and in the store at home they want  115 sek for the same issue! I can´t for my life understand why they get so pricey here. The one on the bottom is actually such a crazy deal from Crafter´s Companion. It´s a package loaded with stuff- magazine, clearstamps, scrapbooking papers AND a CD-rom with lots of stuff and I paid about 80 sek! 

Sooo, what did I buy that took all that space then? Loads of clothes to be honest AND new shoes but here are my favs:

I´ve been dreaming a long time to get my hands on that Barbour jacket so when I found that wonderful Barbour shop there was no turning back! I just love it and I know it´s such a good investment. 

Another thing I was hoping to find was a nice Cath Kidston bag and I´m so pleased with the one I found. On Heathrow they had a Cath Kidston shop - with a huge sale which was a bummer considering I bought that bag earlier - so I bought the sweet wallet too.

I´m trying to keep this post a little short so the last thing I´m gonna post is a collage of photos from our trip:

Now, I´ll be back later this week with some more stuff!
Hugs, Carina

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