Sunday, February 24, 2013

It´s Sunday - again

Hi everyone! Since it Sunday it means a new issue of the Swedish online magazine Allt om Scrap. Today´s feature is about Project Life. As you know I´m doing it this year, but today I can´t share any new looks on that since my darn printer has decided to live it´s own life. Trust me - don´t buy an Epson. It will only leave you crying. I´m going back to a Canon as soon as I get some more cash.

About Project Life - my latest Filler cards freebie has over 1100 views which is hilarious! What´s even more hilarious is that I got 0 (zero) replies/thank you´s.... I love that people love it but it would feel a little better if people just took the time to say thanks. SO if you wanna grab my latest cards you better do it NOW! On Wednesday I´m closing that link.

I´m already looking forward to next weekend! I´m gonna visit all the great people over at Reprint and meet a lot of friends! It´s gonna be a super weekend!

The last thing I´m doing today is to show you some of my latest layouts. Today I´m lazy and will just be posting layouts - no links or credits. I´ll be back with that on Monday or Tuesday:

Now I´m gonna relax in the sofa, looking at Bones with DH! Hope you all have a wonderful evening!
Cheers, Carina

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sue morris said...

Wonderful layouts!! I love them all!!