Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lots of random stuff!

Hi everyone!
Today I´ll be posting all kind of stuff as a change.

Let´s start with the project "One little word" - or OLW as the common abbreviation for it. The first time I came across this was on Ali Edwards blog and I´ve been doing for some years now. The word for 2013 took it´s time but I finally decided to go with this one:

I guess I just wanna feel the joy in life more often...These last two years have been a struggle - take my word for it.  I´m not sure where this is gonna take me, but I´m all in!

Next I wanna show you a photo of me - yes ME! - and how my look´s changed just over one year:

I´m so happy I decided to let my hair get longer again. I feel so more comfortable in it.

I´ve been up to some serious shopping lately:

  • The winter sales has started here in Sweden and I got these from my fav shop Noa Noa:

  • I got some new scrapbooking goodies:

...and soon I´ll be getting ALL of these too:

  • Some new books are soon arriving to me:

  • BUT the absolute most FAB thing that I´m getting is this little goodie:
YES - it´s RED and I LOVE IT!!!

I know - that´s one crazy shopping spree right??? Now I´m putting away my wallet for some time...

Last today I´m gonna share something with you and that´s the fact that this New Year I´m gonna make a resolution! I´m gonna start my new healthier life with eating more GI food and start to exercise again.
So if you have any good recipes to share I´d love to know....

If I´m not checking in tomorrow I want to end this post with saying:

Have a safe and wonderful

Lots of love

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