Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Layout time!!!

I just LOVE the designers that I´m blessed to be working with so I´m gonna make this posting today a real showcase....

This is not new, but I just love the color combo in this one:

I´m gonna let you in on a secret. When I decided to grab that kit I was so into those colors that it wasn´t AFTER I´ve downloaded it that I saw that it was full of Canadian stuff... ;D
But as you can see, it worked out just fine to make an un-Canadian layout too:

For the layout above I also used these:

All of them are by Rebecca Wagler.

Next is this wonderful product by Mari Koegelenberg:

I used it for the next two layouts adding some other stuff shown under each pic:
Layout #1

Layout #2

and I have to admit that I´ve used some of Mari´s oldies that is no longer available like the fairies....

The next layout is made with an awesome spankin´ new collab by Mari Koegelenberg and Studio Basics:

Yes, you can buy it in separate pieces too. Lucky me to have the whole caboodle and made this:

The last layout is actually a bit of a sneak peak since it has some stuff on it that doesn´t release until this Thursday. These are the products from Rebecca Wagler that I can show you today:

Now it´s up to you to detect what´s not released yet in this layout....

Now I´m longing to Friday when I can share some new goodies with you!

Happy Scrapping!

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