Friday, September 28, 2012


It´s Friday - again - and I can´t believe how fast this week has gone by even though I´m sick-listed right now. On Monday I´m back at work, but only part time so please hold your fingers crossed that it will work out fine for me!

I´m so thrilled to be on a NEW CT!!! It´s for Rebecca Wagler aka The Ardent Sparrow over at Design House Digital. I love her quirky and original stuff. Check out her awesome stuff HERE!

As usual I have lots to show you and I reeeeaaally hope I´ll get my game up and start posting more even than one major post once a week. Well, I think my next layout would make an excellent standing Friday thingie to come back too and it would be fun if someone joined me and share theirs...It´s a simple "Right now" list that I found over at DST and copied with a few exceptions. So here´s mine:

Credits: The Summer kit by Rebecca Wagler, DHD

OK- here´s the list in ENGLISH for you since mine is in Swedish:
  • READING: 50 Shades of Grey
  • WATCHING: Once upon a time
  • TRYING: Not to stress
  • COOKING/BAKING(choose one that fits right now;D): Bread
  • DRINKING: Coffee and red wine (not at the same though LOL)
  • CALLING: My sweetheart
  • TYPING: Annelie (my bestie)
  • PINNING: Jewelry and Halloween
  • CRAFTING: Sorting photos
  • SCRAPPING: Cards
  • DOING: Walking Molly (our dog)
  • GOING/RIDING: my bike
  • LOVE: The coziness of fall
  • HATE: The dark and the cold weather - brrr!!!
  • DISCOVERING: New craft ideas
  • ENJOYING: To take it slow
  • THINKING: That I wanna be able to start working again
  • FEELING: The love from many
  • HOPING: Peace of mind
  • LISTENING: to Coldplay, John Mayer and Krister (Swedish radio show)
  • CELEBRATING: It´s the weekend
  • SMELLING: new baked bread
  • THANKFUL: for another day
  • THINKING OF: about becoming a vegetarian
  • ENDING: feeling that I´m not good enough
  • STARTING: slowly getting back
Ready for some more crafty stuff??? Aaaaaaaalrighty then!

Here´s the card that I made for Reprint this week - and YES I´m starting early with my Christmas card so I can be able to enjoy Christmas as much as possible. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

Do I dare to say that the red paper here is design by me? Ooops! I guess that I just did that... ;D
You can find all the details HERE about the card - and the whole posting is in English.

Then I also got all kinds of gorgeous stuff from my designers to share...

Mari Koegelenberg has made a fantastic new collection called "Document 2013" with Studio Basic. I  got the possibility to do some of the pages for the QP calendars:

The Kit:

The calendars:

The whole shebang:

I´m sure gonna make me a calendar with those goodies..;D

Next is a pack that got me going from Juliana Kneipp! I just LOVE the new artsy stuff that´s hitting the stores around digiland so I jumped with joy when I got these to play with:

You can buy them separate too - but I would have a hard time choosing... ;D

Here´s my layout using the gesso ones and "The love of my life" kit also by Ju:

Do you love green? Well I do! It´s my second favorite color after pink. Laitha´s Design is releasing a new kit with lots of extra goodies called "Earth Song" and it´s full of gorgeous stuff in green and brown:

Since I´m on the CT I also get all the fab stuff in the add-ons bundle. You can buy them separate too:

Here´s my TWO layouts with this beauty:

Be sure to sign up for the newsletter from Laitha´s Designs. She always includes a QP from her latest releases - and I promise you´ll not be disappointed....Link is HERE!

WOW! Are you still here??? Thank you so much for visiting my blog and hopefully I will have a little goodie for you all either this weekend or on Monday....


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