Monday, August 06, 2012

Layout mania

Oh my, oh my, oh my....This posting is sooo way overdue and I´m so sorry for it! Loads of stuff as usual to share so here we go....

I´m gonna start with all the wonderful new goodies I got from my designers and the layouts I´ve made so far....

This layout actually go to be mentioned as a "Gallery Standout"! 

I used this goodies from the lovely Juliana Kneipp:

Let´s continue with these layouts made with gorgeous stuff from Mari Kogelenberg:

...and more from the lovely Juliana Kneipp:

And last but just as fabulous - from Laitha´s Designs:


As if this wasn´t  enough I´m taking part of TWO challenges online right now. One is the Sweet Shoppe Summer Games over at SSD and the other is theMScraps Oscars. They´re a little different from each other. At Sweet Shoppe there´s a total of six different challenges - two of them are team challenges - and man are they a challenge or what??? Click HERE to read more and you´ll see what I mean! Over at MScraps it´s 15 challenges - each with a different twist and you can read more about them HERE.

Here´s my layouts up till now for the SSD challenges - all linked to the gallery for full creds....

...and here´s the ones so far for the MScraps Oscars:

I´m so sorry for the pics jumping all over the place - and you bet that´s one of the BIG reasons to why I´m considering to change to wordpress..... ;D

OK - promise this is the last from me this time and it´s a painting/box kinda thing - don´t know the name for it in English though - I made using lots of ephemera from our trips to London the last three years....

Until next time:
Have fun - stay safe - love!!!!!

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