Thursday, July 12, 2012

A good read

If your´re anything like me and have a looong summer vacation you really enjoy a good read. The other week I went to the library and got my hands on quite a few books that I really want to read. I also made a layout about it using a lot of goodies from Juliana Kneipp:

for full credits please click here...

Then I got really lucky when I went to one of the thrifty stores nearby. They were selling 10 books for 10 SEK! Wow! Is that a bargain or what???

Four of them are really for my scrapbooking/crafting. One is gonna be an art journal of some kind and the other three are for scanning and using in my crafting. BUT I got six novels to read...;D I love a good bargain!

To top it all of here today I´m showing the latest release over at Digital Design House by Juliana Kneipp. It´s a collab kit called GAME! and it´s a re-release....

If you hurry you can grab this 30 % off TODAY over at DHD by clicking HERE

I have made a new layout with this one:

Now I´m wishing you all a good night (it´s 22.39 here) and I´m off to see if I can´t make a little free something for you.....


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