Sunday, June 17, 2012

Celebrating DS graduating

This last week has been really busy with school ending AND our DS graduating from what probably would be High School in the US. I´m so proud of him! I just have to share some pics of him here:

And I´m sure that I don´t have to remind anyone that I own the copyright to all my photos that I present here on the blog right?

So right now I´m really tired, but I managed to do some scrapping. A couple of them I have to wait with before showing them here, but I can share these with you:

 With kits by Mari K:

With kits by Ju Kneipp:

ALL the kits linked to the stores:


Some gorgeous kits or what????

Oh, and I revamped the blog too - what do you think? I was thinking a summer/Sweden kinda theme here...

Next week I´m only working three days then it´s finally VACATION!!!!! I´m hoping to get some more freebies done - yay!

Have it great!

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