Sunday, April 08, 2012

Project Life

I finally made my first pages for my Project Life. I waited a very long time for my plastic covers to arrive and then it just got stuck here on my working table since I didn´t have a binder for it. At last I got my hands on one. I´m not going to buy the whole Becky Higgins collection, since it would be way to expensive to get it here by mail. I got my binder from We R MemoryKeepers in black linen. For journaling and stuff like that I´m gonna use digital ones, scrapbooking products I got already and even make some on my own....

Now, the hard part is actually catching up and trying to remember week by week. At this point I´m very happy that I´m doing the 366 days on my iPhone and that I have a calendar where I have written down some things that has happened.
After doing Week 1 I´m thinking of changing my strategy and work from this week and backwards instead. ;D

Here´s how my first page look:

I think it´s ok, but I might do some changes later.
And here´s my first week:

I have had such a fun  - and a bit frustrating - time to make this and I´m really looking forward to how this is gonna progress.

So don´t be surprised if I´m gonna share some more Project Life freebies with you and hoping you have use for them.

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