Thursday, March 01, 2012

What would you like????

Hi everyone!
I just realized that I´m reeeeally close to hitting 10 000 visitors at my blog - just amazing!

So I thought I´d celebrate this in some way. Do you want me to make some

  1. Templates?
  2. Papers?
  3. Printable stuff for 366/Project Life?
Give me a hint here please in the comments and I´ll see what I come up with...;D

Today I went for my second run following the program that I left a link for the other day. Next time will be on Sunday and I really hope it doesn´t rain.

Yesterday I was sooo happy since my plastic pockets from Becky Higgins Project Life finally arrived! Now I´m gonna get started with my weeks and it´s already week 9. Lucky me I´m also doing the 365 photo a day which makes this so much easier. I bought this pack from Becky Higgins:

I really wanted to buy the Clementine core collection but it was way too expensive to ship to Sweden.
Instead I´m planning on using ordinary scrapbooking papers and mix it with digital things that I will print.
I love these collections that I got thanks to being on their teams - Mari Koegelenberg at The DigiChick and Ju Kneipp at CatScrap- and they will work excellent with this:

I promise I will show you when my first pages are done!

Hugs/ Carina

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