Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh my oh my oh my....

It seems like ages since I updated the blog and I do apologize for that. And I do wanna tell you from the start that this whole blog post will be in English only this time.

Anyway - I´ve had a down period lately and haven´t felt for anything but I really hope it´s turning though. I also hope that I´ll soon get rid of this cold so I can feel good again and even start some kind of exercising.
I´m proud that I managed to stick with my 366 through this period but everything else has just slided. I know I have a massive work with updating at one of my CT-forums but I will take care of that tomorrow.
BUT I finally made some new digiscrapping and posted on the Reprint blog too. So here´s some eye-candy...I hope...

So this is the card I posted about yesterday over at Reprint. I think that little teddy is sooo cute! I colored him/her with glimmer chalks which I hope you can see in the pics. Please check their blog for full credits.

Next is all the new digital layouts.  All kit pictures are linked. I found some older photos which I played around with in Lightroom. First one with dd down by a lake nearby:

 This also happens to be about dd when she was younger...

This two-pager is about documenting the daily life:

A love layout with me and dh with one of our fav photos:

One more with dd goofing around:

The last one is a request from dd when I said I had no inspiration. "Can´t you do one for me about The Joker from Batman?" And you know what? It got my creative mood back so thanks sweetie! <3

Are you still here? Whew! Thanks for  keeping up till the end....I hope it won´t be this long till next time though!
Now I´m gonna crash in front of the telly and watch Bones and a glass of Zinfandel.

I really hope you all get to have a wonderful week!/ Carina

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