Thursday, December 29, 2011

Scrapping on a Mac

I recently changed from pc to mac and I´m slowly getting the hang of it. So today I thought I wanted to share a new thing I learned yesterday. I´m sorry for the first pic here - I just photographed the screen since I didn´t know how to "print screen" on a mac until today... ;D

I like to organize my stuff - especially digiscrapping stuff - and I love knowing what´s in every folder before opening it. So for starters here´s how the files were looking before:

Quite boring eh - and not so easy to see what´s in there....

Here´s how it looks now:

Spot the difference! I marked every folder with the designers logo - as far as possible - and then every file inside with a pic of the product. So if you wanna know how I did it - here´s the instructions

  1. Open up image you want the folder to be in preview
  2. You can marquis-select the image by dragging out the dotted-line box from top-left corner to bottom right (click and drag); this also works if you just want to highlight a piece of the image to use
  3. Command -C to copy
  4. Highlight  the folder you want to change and right-click to Get Info
  5. In the top of the box there is a tiny folder icon; click on it and press Command-V to paste.

Just a reminder - the instructions above I found at the Internet somewhere but it works fine for me so I borrowed it...Hope you have use for it!

And to "print screen" on a mac all you do is press alt+shift+3 and it ends up on your screen!

Have it great! ;D / Carina 

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Ami said...

Thanks so much!! Now I won't have to open every folder to catch a glimpse of what's in it!