Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter–Glad Påsk!

It´s about time that I did some posting around here don´t you think??? The thing is that there´s so many difficult and hard times going around here so I let things slide a bit…

One of the most sadest things in my life has just happened – my dear grandma has passed away. She meant the world to me for several different reasons and it´s gonna take time to realize that she´s really gone. I try to find comfort in the fact that she´s gone to a better place. She was in a lot of pain in the end.


The one thing – besides my wonderful family – that keeps me going is my crafting/digital scrapbooking/cardmaking. So to clear my mind a bit I´ve been trying to be a little creative…Here´s some of it:

Since it´s Easter I´ll start with showing my hybrid easter card which got chosen as this week´s hybrid of the week over at ScrapMatters:



I´ve also been making some digital layouts – please click on them to get to my gallery for full credits…





Hopefully it won´t be too long before I get back….

Oh, and I have one question for you. If you got the time would please just leave a simple comment if you want me to write my blog posts in English, Swedish or a mix of them….I´d love to know what you think!

Take care everyone!/ Carina

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