Sunday, April 10, 2011

Do you experience it too?

What you might think.....? I mean that black hole around here that seems to suck away all my time. I swear my intentions are good and I try to do my fair share of planning but somehow at the end of the day I go like: "Hey! What happened?" It´s soooo frustrating! Maybe I´m not that organized that I like to think that I am. Maybe I should start making check lists with categories. Maybe I´m not focused. Maybe there´s things that get in my way that I actually CAN´T see coming....

Well today the sun is shining and it such a great SPRING day! I´m gonna spend most of my day outside spring cleaning our garden. I really need to get some sun in my face and my fair share of fresh air. AFTER that I´m gonna get started on those lists and really try to get some BETTER planning done. I´ll even plan time for scrapping/crafting and stick to the plan. Hopefully it will work. At least I know Easter holiday is coming up. Five more work days and then I´ll be free for eight days straight. Yaaaaay!

Have a WONDERFUL day! /Carina

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