Friday, March 04, 2011

Tomorrow´s the big day

Yaaay! Finally Friday and I´d love to show you my new scrapbooking pages here right now. But I´m my Macbook right now and the files are on the other computer - please check my gallery link...

So tomorrow´s the big day when I get to reveal my new assignment - sooo excited about this!

I morgon lördag är den stora dagen då jag äntligen får avslöja vem jag ska vara DT för.....Det ska bli så kul och jag ser verkligen fram emot detta!

Inga bilder idag - men en liten lista blir det....
No pics today - but there´s a list...

listening - to the tapping on computer keys
eating - soon perhaps some chips
drinking - strawberry and lime cider (grown-up version....)
wearing - sweatpants and a top
feeling - relaxed
weather - quite nippy as they would say in the UK!
wanting - time for scrapbooking
needing - just to turn on the telly right now
thinking - hmmmm, whatelse needs to be done?
wondering - what tomorrow might bring

Now have a wonderful Friday evening and I can promise you I´ll be back tomorrow!
Cheers! / Carina

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