Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Time flies when you´re having flies

You might wonder about the title for my blogging today. It´s my favourite quote from Kermit the Frog from the Muppets since some days it just feels like that…

I´m gonna try to shapen up with my blogging and be here at least every second day.

I have some exciting news! I´ve got accepted at TWO more creative teams which of one is a secret until Saturday.

I sure can tell you about my “new” digital CT and that is for the super talented Laitha´s Design. Her design is defenitely the one I love and I got so happy when she actually asked me if I wanted to join! Here´s some of her wonderful design:



The other one is what we actually call DT in Sweden (which is pretty much the same as what I usually refers to as a CT) and it´s actually NOT digital at all! Nope, pure paper, glue, stamp, ink and the whole shebang of “real” messy stuff!! ;D But you have to wait until Saturday for the revealing.

That also means more posting in Swedish in my blog, but I´ll try as much as I can to keep it in both languages.

To keep the blog alive I snatched a little list from Tracie which you can find here: Life and times of a 12x12 addict and I think it really sums it all up on what I feel/am up to TODAY:

listening – to the dishwasher
eating – red apples
drinking – homemade latte
wearing – skirt, leggings and my new flower cardigan
feeling – happy AND annoyed
weather – sunny and springy!
wanting – that somethings just gonna be FINISHED so I can put them behind me
needing – sleep
thinking – why some people can´t just mind their own buisness
enjoying – the sun on my face
wondering – how long time it will be for all the snow to disappear

Have a wonderful day/evening!/Carina

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