Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Playing catch-up

So I´m a little behind in my daily posting so here goes…

Day 22 - What´s in your make-up bag?

Nothing worth taking a photo of anyway…foundation/moisturizer, eye-shadow, blush, mascara, eye-liner, bronzing powder, tweezer, brushes, pads…

Day 23 – Favourite vacation

This is a though one but I love going to England and London in particular. I feel like I´m coming home being there. Strange I know…

But then I have a long list of places I wanna visit: Australia, USA, Thailand, South Africa, Italy to mention a few.

Day 24 – Something you have learned

The serious list:

  • I´ve learned to take nothing for granted.
  • I´ve learned to try to believe in the best even when thing looks the darkest.
  • I´ve learned that love comes when you´re ready for it in your heart.

The not so serious list:

  • I´ve learned how to use digital software like Photoshop Elements and Lightroom.
  • I´ve learned how to drive a car – I got my license when I was 32!
  • I´ve learned a lot about crafting owning an arts and crafts store.

DONE!!!!!! ;D


I actually made some hybrid boxes the other day:


I made the flowers myself with some punches. These are the digital goodies I used for the boxes:


Have a great evening!


Jenn (jk703) said...

Love the things I've learned Carina! Such adorable boxes!

Ami said...

Great boxes!! Love both the serious and the fun lists of learning.

alamama said...

i like your list. and great boxes too.