Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Day - My Best Friends

Today´s topic is my best friend, but i´t impossible to choose just one so I´ll pick three…

My absolute best friend is my hubby – yeah it might sound corny or so but he really is. I think that´s why we´re so happy together.

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Second is my dear SIL Therése – we get along so good and are so alike in many ways. We always have something to talk about!

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Third is Lisbeth who I met through my teaching. She´s such a sweet person and has a heart of gold!


And I also have to mention Annelie who I met through my scrapbooking. She feels like my twin-sister and we have this bond though we don´t get to see each other that often…

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Happy Days everyone!/Carina


Shari said...

I think it is wonderful your husband is your best friend, corny or not.:)

Annelie said...

Right back to you SISTER!!