Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 26+27+28+29+30

I just can´t seem to get the time lately to post these on the right day, but I´ve been far more busy than I could´ve imagined.

Day 26 – pic of my family

I was talking the other day with my DH that I miss family photos of all four of us. I´m planning on staging some in the nearest months. So for now I´ll go with single pics on all of us..

090806 041DSC_0026

090805 026100728 012-2

Day 27 – pets

We´ve had rabbits and guinea pigs when the kids were younger. So cute – but so much work and not really that cuddly.

Now we´ve been having our wonderful cat Ofelia for more than seven years and she´s such a personality. We love her to pieces! Here´s a pic of our little princess:

100126 006

Day 28 – Something that stresses you out

That could be all kind of things….

  • deadlines for projects.
  • people telling me to slow down when I´m rushing around BUT I don´t feel stressed out!
  • not having full control over my economy

Sorry – but I don´t feel inspired at all about this post…

Day 29 – 3 Wishes

  1. That me and my family stay well and not getting any really serious injuries or sickness like cancer.
  2. To win so much money that I don´t have to work and just do the things I enjoy! (YES, I´m so ordinary that I´ll go for this one…)
  3. Find my dream home in a nice sunny place.

Day 30 – A Picture

Right now I love this one – be sure to click on it to see it LARGE!

110219 060

PHEW!!! I´ve catched up!!! I´ll be back tomorrow since I just have to go and do some updating over at ScrapMatters….





alamama said...

your kids are good looking! and may you find the home you love.

Shari said...

I love that picture. Is that your street?
Your family photo(s) are great too. Very nice looking family. Way to catch up!