Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 20 + 21

Let´s talk nicknames shall we? If you ask my hubby I have many but actually there´s two that people call me. From my days as a kid my family has always called me Cina (the c´s pronounced as a k) but nowadays almost everyone I know calls me Cinna (still with a k pronounciation).

That was posting for day 20. Day 21 is a pic of me….This is from today:


Let´s go to some more fun pics shall we? Here´s all my hybrid cards I made for Valentine´s Day starting with DH´s card:


…for DS:


….and for DD:


And here´s all the yummy digital stuff I used for these and they´re all linked:




All the flowers on my cards are Prima flowers and the bling is from my stash. I just put them all in little boxes and can´t honestly remember where all came from.

Tomorrow´s gonna be an interesting post – maybe…

Till tomorrow then!/ Carina


Shari said...

Love the actions you ran on your photo and those valentines are too darn cute.

alamama said...

i am so glad to know that your name is pronounced with a k. i was using an s. sorry.