Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Day 15-17

Sorry everyone for not posting lately. I´m suffering from a really bad back pain but I wanted to get updated so here I am….

Day 15 was about posting a Bible verse. I´m gonna say pass on this one..

Day 16 however was about My Dream House!

If I got to choose I´d love to live by the sea with a panoramic view….here´s some:


Ohterwise I´d love to have a house like this:


Aaaah, at least you can dream….

Day 17 – something you look forward to

My DH and I are planning someday not far away to move back to the south of Sweden where I was born which is called Skåne. To be more precise around the town of Kristianstad. I have a lot of relatives there which we have great contact with. The best part about this is that I know that it´s possible!

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Have a great day!/Carina


Capture.Record.Scrap said...

Carina, I hope you start to feel better soon! I love your dream houses..:D Hope your move back home happens sooner than later..:D

Ami said...

Those are some great choices of homes- I would love a place by the sea too - not hurricane season :)

Jenn (jk703) said...

I could totally live in any of those photos! Feel better!

Scrapporreia (Linda) said...

I'll take ANY of those houses! lol

hope your back is better

Intense Magic said...

What beautiful homes! I'll take one of those!!

Pressed Petals said...

um yay...i'd like one of those houses too.