Sunday, February 06, 2011

Day 13 + 14– Goals and a picture I love

Yesterday I was at the movies with DH and we saw an awesome movie – “The King´s Speech”. I can strongly recommend it - it´s gonna be with me for a long time.


Now to the subjects for yesterday and today.

So what are my goals? Maybe some of these…

  • Having fun and not worry too much about tomorrow
  • Travel and see places (Is that a goal???)
  • Life a life with more creativity in it.

Right now I can´t think of anything else. I might have to come back to this later.

The other thing is so much easier and I´m gonna choose just ONE picture:

090720 145

Before I go I´ll show you my layout with Kim B´s kit Mulberry Fields as promised:


…and I made one more that I´ll be posting in my galleries tomorrow…


Now I´m of to the telly. It´s time for Bones AND Sherlock – what a tv-evening!

Cheers! /Carina

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