Friday, February 04, 2011

Day 12 - What you believe

Before going to this day´s topics, let´s look at some new scrapbooking goodies…

First I wanna show you these fabulous printable Valentine´s cards made by Kim with “Love that boy” + “Love that girl” kits by Graham Like the Cracker:


Fridays are new release day over at ScrapMatters and I got to play with some truly awesome stuff!

First look at this from the lovely Erica Zane:


….and my layout:


Next from Amy Stoffel:


….and my take…


(Schhhhhh…don´t tell anyone but I remade that layout THREE times before I was happy!)

….And this from one of this months guest designers – Kim Broedelet:


I got the whole shebang as shown but you can buy all of them separately.

I´d love to show you my layout but you have to wait until tomorrow since I did it for the Saturday Special at ScrapMatters.


Now over to this day´s posting about what you believe. Let´s just say I do believe that everything happens for a reason...It feels like a too "deep" question for my blog.

Have a wonderful evening!/Carina

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Kim B said...

AHHH Thanks Corina! uhum what's Saturday Special??- BWHAHAHAHAHA
sssshhhh- don't tell everyone I sound like the big newbie! hee hee
I LOVED your LO and put it on my blog on Friday- OOOOPS, I had no idea about keeping it "quiet".
If I put my big feet in it- I'm so sorrrryyy!

Thanks again