Thursday, January 13, 2011

You gotta love hybrid!

I love hybrid scrapping because I can combine the best of two worlds!

I´m gonna show you my two latest hybrid project….

As many of you know I´m a big fan of Tim Holtz and one of my favorite products of his are the wonderful memory frames which you can do all kinds of fantastic stuff. Now, scrapping hybrid means I can get a pic inside with a lot of gorgeousness without the backside of being heavy, messy etc. Here are my new frames:


Besides the frames and the ball chain – both Tim Holtz/Ranger – I used an awesome collab kit by Laitha´s Design and ViVa Artistry:


My second project is a card also made with the Renaissance kit:


On this card I also used flowers from Prima, Pearl Maker and my new doily lace punch from Martha Stewart.

Now I just have to share how I got my lace punch because it´s such a sweet story. I´ve been wanting it for a long time, but everytime I tried to buy it here in Sweden it was out of stock. Then for about two weeks ago I spotted this awesome project by Cathy in the ScrapMatters gallery: (please share some love to Cathy- pic is linked to her gallery Blinkar )


I left her a comment about using the punch and the day after she contacted me and wondered if I would like her to get it for me and send it by mail! Wow! Of course I wanted – how sweet isn´t that???

The punch got cheaper – even with the cost for posting it – than it would have been buying it here and I bet no one can beat the feeling of unpacking and not only find the punch but also a wonderful sweet card inside:

110112 076

Have a wonderful evening!!


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