Sunday, January 30, 2011

Favourite movies

Today´s post is about favourite movies and I really have a hard time to pick! Generally it depends on what mood I´m in but right now I feel like picking these….

  • The Star Wars saga – all 6 movies. Could watch them over and over again.


  • Notting Hill – I must have seen this movie more than 10 times!


  • The Matrix – So cool! I like the first one most


  • Top Gun – this is the 80´s for me! The plot, the actors, the clothes, the quotes…


  • The Bourne triology


  • Back to the future – I just have to have this film on my list. I had a major crush on Michael J. Fox in my teens….


Have a wonderful evening!/Carina


Jen Graham said...

I forgot about the Back to the Future's... we have that trilogy on DVD.

Sandra said...

Top Gun is on TV right now...I just flipped to it for a moment - does it ever scream '80s with the hazy camera work and all that! :) Those are some fun movies, though!