Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 8- Places you've traveled to

Oh goodness me – where to start…. ;D I think the best way to do this chronologically

Up till 1990 the only other country I had visited was Denmark – and so many times I can´t count them actually.

But 1990 in May I went to Austria with our school choir and that was such an amazing trip! Too bad I don´t remember having any pics from that one….

That same year I met my hubby and in February 1991 we went to London for the very first time. In those days you could travel by ferry from Sweden to England.

Between 1992-1994 we went to Germany (Berlin), Luxemburg and Austria again.

In April 1995 we went to Crete, Greece.

In 1996 we went to London again – the whole family.

In 1997 I was in Northhampton, England for two weeks when I was reading to become a teacher.

1999 the whole family travelled by car to Disneyland, Paris. On that trip we also went for a day to Paris and we stopped in Luxemburg too. This reminds me that I have some photos to scan….

Then followed a couple of years when we had our caravan and travelled around in Sweden every summer.

2007 we went on one of our all time fav vacations to Croatia. It was heaven!


Now look at this….

28 Oct – 1 Nov 2009 LONDON

091103 LONDON 158

20 – 28 June 2010 LONDON


15-18 September 2010 LONDON

100918 020100918 028100918 052100918 168

Can you tell we´re crazy about London???? We actually talk about going back SOON!!!!

Now, if I could just choose I´d love to see:

  • Australia – all the famous places and maybe meet some people I got to know thanks to digi-scrapping.
  • Travel the USA by car. Again – love to meet people I got to know thanks to scrapping AND to visit my relatives. Yes, I have some over there!
  • Italy – Tuscany, Venice, Florens, Rome…
  • Thailand
  • HongKong

There´s just that little detail called ….money….hmmmmm…



Scrapporreia (Linda) said...

Fun! Love your shots. Makes me want to grab my passport and go somewhere!

Pressed Petals said...

lucky you. how nice to have visited all of those places. any plans for future trips?