Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 5+6

Hi everyone! Sorry for skipping the update yesterday, but it was DH´s birthday so I was busy with that.

So today I´ll be posting for yesterday and today…

Yesterday´s subject was favourite recipes and man do I have many of these! Some of them are things I made up myself and have no recipe for. Like my chicken with mozzarella cheese and pesto - it´s so easy! Sorry I can´t find a photo But here´s how you do if you wanna try (and I do appologize if my english fails me when it comes to recipes):

  • shred a couple of chicken brests – I usually take one/person.
  • fry them in a hot pan with salt and pepper.
  • put them in a oven safe pan.
  • slice a zucchini and put them over the chicken. (optional)
  • pour a really nice tomato sauce over everything.
  • take some green pesto and drizzle it over the tomato sauce.
  • slice some mozzarella cheese and top it all with it.
  • put it in the oven at 220 degrees C for about 15-20 min.
  • enjoy it with some good pasta or couscous.

Otherwise I love making cookies, buns, pastries, cupcakes and stuff like that. Here´s some pics:

image091223 085100422 008image100815 008image

Day 6 – which is today – is about posting a picture about something that makes me happy. I can´t just pic ONE so here´s some…

091103 LONDON 139

This photo is chosen for many reasons that makes me happy – my dh, being in London and coffee at Starbucks (which we don´t have in Sweden).


OK – this one was easy too. My kiddos (though they´re a bit older now…)

091103 LONDON 226

London – I L-O-V-E that town!

100502 064


I´ll better stop now……;D

(And yes – I´ve taken all the photos myself…)

Have a wonderful Saturday evening!/Carina


Emilee said...

hmmm your recipe sounds yummy; might have to try when I have fresh zucchini from my garden

Jenn (jk703) said...

YUM... great pics Carina!