Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 4–Parents

Hi everyone! Hope you´ve been having a good Thursday wherever you are! Right now I´m baking bread and it smells sooo nice in the whole house!

Now to today´s topic – parents. I´m gonna be honest from the start here. I don´t feel comfortable with talking with my relationship with my parents - it´s complicated ok?

I had a wonderful childhood but when I was 14 my parents got a divorce. Since then it´s been complicated. It wasn´t a good divorce. Me and my sister got in the middle of everything…..

I wanna end with saying that right now I feel I have a great contact with my dad. We talked things through and I got a lot of explanations and confirmations that made me feel better and that I really have a dad I can rely on.

My mother and I haven´t spoken with each other since last summer. I´ve tried to contact her – but nothing…The ball´s in her corner now….


Now to something more positive – a new layout!! Here´s a new 365 layout:


I used these goodies from ScrapMatters:




Tomorrow´s DH´s birthday  AND my sister AND my MIL!!!! Lots of celebrating to do!

Cheers!/ Carina


Shari said...

Your honesty is very touching. We don't all have perfect or even good relationships with our parents. Some of us are luckier than others I guess. I glad you were able to smooth things over with your dad and maybe someday your mom will realize what she is missing too. :)

Sandra said...

It's hard when you don't have a good relationship...especially when you've been put in the middle of something! I'm glad you shared what you did, though! (I may scraplift that P365 page, too! - beautiful!)

Jen Graham said...

Oh honey, I've been there. I had a point when I didn't talk to my dad at all for about two years. I hope things will work out for you. *hugs*
She is lucky to have such a beautiful and creative daughter.