Saturday, January 01, 2011

All my new goodies!

With this I wanna thank the designers that I´m proudly CT for – Erica, Jen, Mari and Charmaine – for a wonderful 2010!

Thanks to them I got some awesome gift cards and I had a real shopping spree yesterday! Here´s all my new goodies:

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As if this wasn´t enough I got this from The Daily Digi – a real mega kit:


This means lots and lots of fun right?


I´m a big fan of Ali Edwards and every year she chooses a word for the whole year. I´ve been doing the same for the two last years and I´m amazed – if not even a bit intimidated – of the accuracy by choosing a word. So I´ve been struggling with what word to choose for 2011 and came up with FRESH. Like fresh start, fresh meaning healthy living etc – you get the point. I wanted to look forward and leave 2010 behind. It´s been so many ups and downs last year and I want something different for this year.

My second word choice was actually balance,….


I´ll leave you with my latest layout using Frosty by WM [Squared] Designs:



…and keep up with your 365 – I am!


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