Friday, September 03, 2010

More creative stuff & a tutorial!

Friday´s are new release day over at ScrapMatters and this time I´ve played around with these goodies:




These are the layouts I´ve done:

july100902 theend100902 cherish100902

One of my assigned designers this month is Krisi´s Kreations at ScrapMatters and she makes awesome hybrid templates. So I got the Milk Carton mini template and made this:




I made this little tag the other day:

100901 110

Wanna learn how to do that flower? Well, here´s my tutorial on how to do paper flowers Tim Holtz style….

To do this you need the following stuff:

  • Kraft cardstock paper
  • Flower punch or die-cut
  • Strong paper glue
  • Distress ink
  • Perfect Pearls
  • Scissor

I used these colors -I´m gonna make two flowers in different colors:

100901 014 

1. Start with punching out (or die cut) your flowers. I´ve discovered that the easiest way to to these flowers are to use the ones with six petals. I used my Slice to cut out mine and therefore I got a hole in mine. You don´t need that..

100901 012

2. Then you need to mix the colors for the flowers! Add water about 3/4 of a mini-mister. Take about two drops of ink and a small portion of Perfect Pearls into the bottle.  I made four different colors:

  • Broken china + blue Perfekt Pearls
  • Peeled paint + gold Perfect Pearls
  • Tattered rose + gold PP
  • Fired brick + gold PP

100901 018100901 025

Now put on the lid and shake it really well!

3. Line up your flowers:

100901 026

4. The three top flowers are gonna be a red one so I spray them with the mixtures fired brick, tatttered rose and a little peeled paint:

100901 032

The lower three I spray with peeled paint and broken china:

100901 039

5. Now I pick out my heat gun and blow them dry. You might wanna redo the spraying .

Now they have a really nice shiny, metallic look:

100901 042

6. The backside doesn´t look so nice so I rubb the red one´s with rusty hinge distress ink pad and the green ones with peeled paint  using the ink blending tool.

100901 043

Here´s the finished backsides

100901 045

7. Now we´re getting to the assembly part using the green flower as an example. Cut the three flowers as shown below:

100901 049

Do NOT throw anything away!

8. Put the two small pieces aside (the cut-out petals).

Now glue the flowers together making one petal overlapping the closest one:

100901 052

9. You should now have three parts looking like this:

100901 056

I use a paper clip to really be sure that the glue sticks!

10. Now we return to the two small pieces:

100901 058 100901 059

11. Grab a small paint brush. Take the largest one of the petal parts and curl the left petal around the brush handle so that it´s pointing “out and down”. Then take the other petal and curl it into the centre:

 100901 061 100901 060

Now glue it together looking something like this – and don´t make it quite as narrow as I´ve done in the pic… (look further down and you´ll see it better) ;D!

100901 068

12. Now to the smallest – and trickiest part – the single petal. Curl it around the handle…

100901 064 100901 063 

…and glue it together.

13. You should have two parts looking like this:

100901 071

14. Now the big  flowers have dried and once again we grab the brush. Curl all the petals like on the pic below:

100901 075

15. Next step is to glue them all together after size – so the largest first and finish off  with the two really small pieces we did before. 

If  you don´t have holes in your flowers you need to cut off some of the pointy bottom of each flower to make them fit into each other!

100901 076

16. Tadaa! Here´s what you should have right now:

100901 080

…..and the other side looks like this for me…

100901 078 

So when I use them on a project I just have to trim the backside so they´re flat to the surface.

I hope this tutorial made sense – and good luck with making your own gorgeous flowers!



Krisi and Adam said...

Amazing Flower! Thanks for sharing. A flower similar to this will be in my next cutting file set... so stay tuned!

Ami said...

Awesome! Great Tutorial!

Anonymous said...

The milk cartons are awesome!

I may need to leave work to go home and make some myself... :)


Jen Graham said...

Holy criminy woman! I got worn out just reading your tutorial.

Your flowers were beautiful!