Monday, September 20, 2010

Back from London

Now I´m home again after some fabulous days in London! It´s such a town in my taste….Love everything about it from all the magnificent buildings to the grumpy people at Tesco! ;D

So this time I´ll show you some pic from the trip.  I made some shopping and here are some of the stuff…

First off is this gorgeous bag I found – and the price was a steal!


Hubby and I literary stumbled across Twining´s original shop at the Strand which had been there since 1706:


The shop:

DSC_0181-2 DSC_0185-2

On the airport I bought a new perfume . Isn´t this bottle gorgeous?


Here´s some more pics from our stay in London:

2010-09-18 100918

Hope to be back soon!



Angeljet said...

I'm glad you and hubby had fun in London, Carena! London is fantastic, I know.
And I LOVE your new handbag, sweetie! Perhaps I come and snatch it, lol!

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