Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Waiting patiently….

Today The Queen of Scrap competition at ScrapMatters  is finally over and now I´m (and certainly a whole bunch of other scrap girls) eagerly awaits the announcement of the new queen. I´m pretty certain that it won´t be me since one of the criteria was to make as many layouts as possible in one month. Some ladies have made more than 200 layouts (yikes!)…..

Anyway, I´m proud over what I´ve done and I was amazed when I saw the actual amount – 68 layouts! Talk about scrapping like crazy! Here they ALL are (I hope) in nice little collage´s (spelling???) since I didn´t feel like posting all of them one and one. Thank goodness for Picasa! ;)




I´m warning you though…in a day or two I´ll be posting my personal top 10 since I really got some that I wanna make into a scrapbook!

Now I´m gonna amuse myself with cleaning my external harddrive –again! ;)

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